Wider World of Quakers

Sandpoint Quakers Meetion HouseThe Wider World of Quakers: A List of Selected Informational Websites.

Friends Committee on National Legislation:
Our efforts on behalf of peace and justice are guided by Friends Committee on National Legislation in Washington D.C.  FCNL is the oldest faith based lobbying group in Washington.  Action alerts and updates are available at:   fcnl.org

Liberal Quakers:  liberalquakers.org

Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting: pnqm.org

Northwest Pacific Yearly Meeting:  npym.org

Belief Net (take a quiz to see if you are a Quaker):  beliefnet.org

Quaker blogs: quakerquaker.org

Quakers and the Environment: Quaker Earthcare Witness is a network of Friends (Quakers) in North America and other like-minded people who are taking spirit-led action to address the ecological and social crises of the world, emphasizing Quaker process and testimonies.   Quaker Earthcare Witness

Quaker.zebby: (includes links to additional blogs):  quaker.zebby.org

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