Imagine a religion that has no dogma or creeds.
Imagine a religion that has no rites or rituals or ceremonies.
Imagine a religion with no clergy or authoritarian hierarchy.
Imagine a religion that has no holy writ or sacred scripture.

Imagine a religion where people enjoy exploring life’s Big Questions (And the Little Ones too.) and helping each other find our own answers to those questions.  Imagine a community where people care about what you do and what you think and not what you may or may not “believe”.

Imagine a religion where silent reflection is highly valued
and quiet thoughtful dialogue is preferred over argument and opinions.  Imagine a religion where all responsibilities are shared and community decisions are made by consensus.

We are Quakers and have a long and honorable history
during which we have developed some pleasant and effective ways of being together in community. Our emphasis is now on the present and the future and our commitment is to improve our lives, the lives of those we know and love, the well being of our friends and neighbors and society at large.

Sandpoint Friends Meeting   1025 Alder St , Sandpoint  263-4788


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